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Our Purpose

To create and provide health plans and group benefits in an environment which is uplifting and valuable for the clients, the plan members and our employees. For too many years benefits, in particular group health plans have been a “managed negative”. Our passion is to create and service health plans which focus on quality first and foremost, medical necessity and value, in that order.

Our Mission

When we seek to do the right thing every time we step out the door, even if unpopular, even if an obvious personal gain is not in sight; If we take care of one another as well as we take care of ourselves, the results will take care of themselves. 

Our Vision

Innovative. Transparent. Ethical. Each day, these three words guide our efforts to provide the best possible health plans and group insurance advice, as we get shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients and face the challenges presented. 

Your company's one-stop resource for
innovative and cost-effective group healthcare benefits, along with advanced talent acquisition, team development and employer marketing programs .  

More than 30 years of experience helping companies attract, develop, insure and retain quality Teams.

Increase control of health insurance quality, costs, and annual increases with our innovative and proven programs.  
Attract more top talent with credible and persuasive marketing of your company's culture, opportunities and benefits.
Improve team performance and job satisfaction with our comprehensive learning system featuring turn-key content development and online delivery capabilities.


Your company benefits from our Team's decades of proven success developing and administering innovative and cost-effective employee healthcare programs and employee benefits along with effective talent acquisition, team development

and employer marketing.


Tel: 888-778-2443

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