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Welcome to the Procuras curated benefits program.  

What Sets Procuras Apart?

Procuras is different in 3 key areas:


• Innovation: We’ve vetted and implemented successfully the latest “NextGen” tactics, obtained the wisdom to  know the difference between the useful, successful methods and what are less valuable fads; we’ve walked  this walk. Our proprietary Protocol Health Plan is an expression of the courage to reach for better. 


• Old-world service commitment: Our service platform has adopted forward looking technology without  sacrificing old-fashioned high touch service which seems to be evaporating in our fast-paced world. We  believe availability is the best ability; your plan members can reach us when they need us. 


• Fiduciary: Perhaps more than any other differentiator, we’re not beholden to any regional leadership or objectives outside of our clients’ goals. We spend your money with the same concern and stewardship as if it were ours.

Why us?

  • You get our expertise with benefit administration technology and communications, COBRA and HR/Legal Compliance guidance, and experienced wellness leadership.


  • Your Team can become better informed and prepared for improved performance via our advanced content production capabilities and proprietary online learning platform.

  • Your employee culture, opportunities and benefits can be distilled into credible and persuasive messaging, then strategically distributed to prospective hires via a tailored mix of digital and traditional media. 

Our Healthcare and Benefits Specialists
Rob Phillips

President and Lead Consultant – is unlike most consultants and advisors in multiple ways, but is most proud of his availability, which in group insurance is the best ability. Unlike his peers who often disappear after the sale, Rob is available every day, for every employee, for any reason. Since graduating from FSU Law School and joining the employee benefits field, he’s had the same cell phone number, and shares that number with the CEO, the CFO, the maintenance people, their spouses, and everyone in between. More than a salesperson, Rob partners with Chevy to maintain daily function in the service and measurement of satisfaction of every member of every plan we support. He’s comfortable hammering out details with actuaries and underwriters, yet capable of making the complexities of healthcare easy for plan members to understand in an enrollment meeting. 

Chablis "Chevy" Sweet

Account Executive – is the first point of contact and serves as your plan members’ guide to solutions, regardless of the service concern. Before Chevy joined Protocol Health, she spent 5 years managing personnel, honing her problem-solving skills, and earning exceptional reviews for her empathetic patience and disposition with subordinate team members as well as the occasional dissatisfied customer. We love her old-fashioned work ethic and true grit, and believes she applies her brand of customer service charm and can-do attitude to our firm. A master with Publisher, Powerpoint and Adobe, Chevy leads our media team as well. 

Doree Cornett

Senior Employee Benefits Consultant / Group Advocate – is the daughter of a primary care physician and “grew up” in healthcare. She spent more than 25 years as a healthcare administrator in a multitude of roles, learning to speak the unique language of healthcare that exists “behind the front window”. During this time, she earned a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Florida. Now, as a consultant and group advocate for Protocol Health, she puts her background, education, and experience to work by providing our plan members with a caring, knowledgeable advocate’s voice spanning the gaps between provider venues of care, insurance carriers and the member’s plan design. 

Michelle Phillips 

Quality Control – is the owner of Protocol Health. Michelle ensures that our team is managing service timelines and accomplishing tasks to exceed the expectations set by our clients. Michelle has 30+ years’ experience leading teams and working with clients in back-office system technology, with the last 13 years focused on benefits administration and communication. Adept at communicating administrative platforms to HR and C-suite leaders as well as on-on-one benefits communication with end users, she leads our technology team, helping clients implement Employee Navigator (our in-house employee benefits portal) or as some of our clients use a different benefits technology solution, making sure our team is trained and comfortable navigating their chosen system.

Julia Macellina

Account Manager – is both our client accounts liaison and social media director. Julia has an extensive background in client services and hospitality, as well as having earned her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida. Julia also has web design and insurance marketing experience under her belt,   being the youngest and most digital media savvy on our team. Julia started her journey into the insurance world as a benefits verification specialist 4 years ago, and has certainly worked her way up ever since. Julia's position consists of various roles, assisting Rob and Chevy in their day-to-day needs, as well as executing bigger picture functions for the growth of Protocol Health.

Our Talent Acquisition, Team Development & Employer Marketing Specialists
Steve_Bryant_Headshot copy_edited_edited
Steve Bryant

Marketing Strategies, Content Development and Team Enablement - The messaging needs of our clients can range from informative to persuasive. The right medium could be print, email, video, face-to-face, or more.  The best method for delivery might be online, on air, USPS, or on site.  Working with clients to select the right channel and then tailoring the content to meet their needs is Steve’s specialty.  

As the founder and publisher of two magazines, the author of widely distributed business best practice development books; the creator of long running and highly utilized online selling skills and team leadership learning programs; thousands of broadcast commercials. web video and more; Steve has the experience necessary to identify, understand and communicate to a wide variety of audiences.

As the resident “gray hair” on the team, Steve’s fifty-plus years of experience founding companies, building teams, marketing to consumers, and delivering results provides a practical perspective and helps him develop no-nonsense solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at
Mike Whitaker

Talent Acquisition Strategies and
Team Development Programs - 

Mike’s role at Procuras is focused on helping our clients attract, develop, and retain quality Team members.  His years of hands-on experience successfully hiring, educating and leading a team of hundreds in an independent business, brought him to the attention of a national trade association with more than five thousand member companies.  There, for more than a decade he worked with independent businesses employing some fifty-thousand-plus Team members to help optimize their performance.  


Thanks to our TeamPulse employee-based feedback and exercises, his recommendations feature the appropriate content directed at the right audience.  His informative media-based learning programs, along with his live and online interactive sessions are effective and efficient.  Whether it’s generic industry soft skills, or custom learning programs targeted to the unique needs of our clients, Mike has the capabilities and resources to deliver results for our clients and their people. 

Chris Bryant

Technology Development and Implementation, Operational Procedures - 

Chris is responsible for the development, maintenance and facilitation of our various online platforms and technologies including and SeeMonster.TV.  


As a pioneer in the delivery of video learning programs, beginning with VHS in the 1990s, to DVD in the early 2000s, to desk-top video in the pre iPhone era, to the mobile-optimized LMS platforms of today, Chris has been on the leading edge of all things video and online for more than twenty years.  His technologies have enabled the generation of millions of successful course completions, covering thousands of topics, from hundreds of clients.  


Chris also helps clients create high impact video messaging environments with our full featured digital signage platform known as SeeMonster.  From lobbies, to breakrooms, to retail spaces and more, information supporting best health practices, employee benefits, and customer benefits can be communicated efficiently and persuasively via these technologies.  

Melissa Bryant

Creative Design and Project Coordination - With her unusual combination of creative and organizational capabilities, Melissa helps convert ideas, information and agendas from a Word document, conversations and the back of napkins into virtually any medium needed.


With experience as the creative director for both business and music magazines, as well as a trade organization serving thousands of companies, Melissa works to create design elements that serve the message and the audience with modesty and openness.  


She also provides a solid operational foundation, organizing our various projects and keeping workflow, timelines and client communication on track.  Every client and every project gets her full attention and concern.

Tel: 888-778-2443

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